Friday, February 3, 2012

20 Day Pregnancy Challenge: Days 6-12

  • Day Six: Baby’s first picture. A picture of your first ultrasound.
L.B. at 10 weeks, 2 days.
  • Day Seven: Do you have a birthing plan?
Not at the moment. This is something that Husband and I are going to talk about when he comes home. I'll be about 6-7 months along by then, and much closer to actually needing one.

I had one with Bear, but that all went out the window. :/
  • Day Eight: What is your biggest food craving?
Anything fruity and sweet. But not, like, cookies, or something. I like fruit flavored candy. And cereals. I just have the biggest sweet tooth with this pregnancy.

  • Day Nine: What sex did/do you hope for?
We want a girl, but honestly we wouldn't mind if we were having another boy. But we really want a girl. :]
  • Day Ten: A picture of your baby bump and how you feel about how you look. 
17 weeks, 4 days. 2-1-12
 I feel pretty dang good about how I look. Granted, I wasn't small before I was pregnant, but I don't think I look too horrible. :]
  • Day Eleven: The baby shower: What do you plan for? Hope for?
Honestly? I'm not even expecting one. :/

  • Day Twelve: How did you tell your parents the news? The baby’s dad’s parents?
A phone call. Haha. That was pretty much it. Well, we sent a picture of the pregnancy test with a caption saying "Estimated Due Date: July 2012" but we still called them. :]